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Medical Histories include an in-depth accounting of the patient's past medical history, including any past injuries or illnesses, any present health concerns, the circumstances surrounding the injury/injuries, and the effects of the current injury/injuries upon their quality of life.  When combined with Advantage Med-Legal's medical record review services, a medical history helps to create a complete picture of the patient's health both before and after the injury or injuries involved in the claim. Medical histories are also a critical feature when determining issues relating to impairment and apportionment, as they provide a complete chronological record of all the patient's past health history, including injuries both industrial and otherwise

Doctor and Patient

In preparation for each evaluation, one of our seasoned historians will reach out to obtain a detailed medical history from the patient. Using a combination of our proprietary questionnaire and a personal interview conducted by a medical historian, a complete medical history of the patient will be drafted and made available for consideration in the evaluation process and for inclusion within the completed report. 


We offer some services individually, without the need for a full service contract.  Our Historian services is one of those.  Reach out to us at for more information.

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