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What We Offer

We provide you with a variety of services to further assist you with your med-legal needs.

Included Services

Personalized and strategic guidance for complete coverage of med-legal needs. Our team has certified med-legal consultants for everything you may need.


Tested strategies that ensure timely, accurate and relevant reports. Your finished, polished product will be something you'll be proud to send off. 


Our friendly staff successfully schedules MRIs, x-rays, depositions, and patient exams. Our team also takes care of organizing attorney letters and documents in our easily accessible database.

Extensive support for all aspects of med-legal appointments. From scheduling patient's appointments and diagnostics, to setting up depositions, we do it all so you don't have to. 

We understand that your time is money. We take care of all paperwork and documents in regards to the DWC for you! 

We offer a variety of courses for your practice. From how to write a report, to completing a physical examination. 

Comprehensive and reliable reviews - summarized and bookmarked. Regardless of medical file size, reviews are at the top of our priority list.

Trusted historians that take comprehensive patient medical histories. Our staff reach out to patients, and make them feel more comfortable about the QME Exam process. Our historians are also a reminder for patients of their appointment.


We have a partnership with TeachCE Inc. which offers continuing education credits. When you're part of our team you will receive discounts on all courses offered through this provider.

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